Sunday, September 26, 2010

WAR - Parting Shots

My free Re-enlistment to WAR ends very shortly.

I'll be posting my thoughts on the state of WAR this week.

 This about sums it up.
 The armor customization makes your realm-mates look more fashionable... well, what's left of your realm-mates right now.

Underboobs and fire. Two of my favorite things.

The impression I walked away with was that I'd honestly had more fun playing the free Endless Trial version of the game (levels 1-10). There's more fighting to be had, and it's generally more balanced. You can actually move three steps without being completely kneecapped, knocked on your ass, punted off a cliff, mezzed into total retardation, or swarmed by mindless zergmonkeys. You don't have to grind out horrible buggy dungeons or worry about any of the other bullshit like crafting or lockouts and shit. It's just sad seeing a game where level 5 is inherently more fun than playing at rank 55.

Essentially, the character I progressed to max level is now just a hassle for me to play at this point.
No player should ever say that.

2. This sort of sums up how I feel about the direction of the game...
I was given the option to freely move my characters off the server I'm on to one of the 3 other remaining servers. I'd seriously considered this, seeing that the population of Iron Rock had plummeted and made for long stretches of disgusting inactivity. The one popular server (Badlands) was suffering from horrible overcrowding that lead to unbearable lag, zerg parades, and crashes.

And that's the crux of the matter. At best, this game is woefully flawed. At worst, this game is really, really woefully flawed. And it will remain so, like a tragic Greek cautionary of a game gone wrong. Like Scylla and Charbydis. Stuck between a rock and a hard, cold, dead place. Badlands. Iron Rock. Pick your poison, all roads on this map lead to dead ends, that sort of thing.

While I'm hopeful for the "expansion", let's be realistic here -- how many people do you know are going to bother to pay ~$30 + $15/mo to return to a game they probably left in disgust / beat / replaced / never really liked that much in the first place... just so they can experience a more drawn-out campaign and Rats-as-Siege-Weapons? Seriously. Count 'em up. I've heard 3 "maybes". That's not The Renaissance of a AAA MMO, that's a shitty pizza party.

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