Thursday, September 02, 2010

slow news day

What's up, suckers.
Random Bullshit Rundown:
  • Hurricane Earl will most likely rain all over my parade this weekend, so I should have time to play some more this weekend. Most likely betas. Also, do you think the people here are wildly overreacting to Hurricane Earl because it's been named Earl, and do you think they are being racist? I say yes and yes!
  • DID YOU KNOW? Aion's Assault on Balaurea is out next week, Sept. 7. Also, LOTRO goes full f2p Sept. 8. Also worth noting FFXIV is right around the corner. That sound you hear is America yawning. No wait, that's just Earl's 100 MPH winds. Sorry.
  • Which do you think sounds more exciting - Assault on Balaurea or Here Comes Earl? I say Earl. I'm racist.
  • Sort-of boring but agreeable article on Jumpgate Evolution's philosophy vis-a-vis designing their PvPvE repeatable content. The emphasis on meaningfulness, context and clarity sound very well and good, although I'm still really not fond of NPCs / PvE / AI / Ex GFs getting involved in PvP.
  • This guy has a decent-looking Rift-centric blog, I'll be reading through it later! I kind of love the horrible name and banner and the fact that it's still good.
  • I desperately tried to sign up for The Bible Online as "Satan". They won't let me. Please God, let me play your MMO. I really cannot think of a better idea for a PvP game. I mean, has there ever been better factions than GOOD and EVIL? No. Also, there's a chance EVIL could win, right? Does that mean the world ends? Is Earl coming for me because I think things like this? 
  • *Reader Question: "Who would be your Third Faction in PvP Bible Online??? Atheists?" ...I don't know. Excellent question. A Muslim faction would be... interesting. Scientology? That would make it Good vs. Evil vs. Batshit Crazy.

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