Monday, June 07, 2010

I cope with grief by being a complete monster.

AND NOW for some sorely needed perspective -

a Great Player and a Wonderful Man

"Last night around 10:15 PM Atlantic time a man that some of you know as “Sugbis the Shaman” died of a massive heart attack. He was an avid player and to him keeping you alive to help you win the battle was a matter of honor.
... He always strived to do the best he was capable of doing in order to fulfill his role to achieve the victory of the team.

To me he was Jim, my husband, my lover, my companion, my best friend, and my soul mate; a gentle giant with a heart made of gold.

He was playing Scenarios with some people, and got up his chair because he thought that he was going to pass out. His last words to me were:
“Log me out of the group; I do not want them to think I am leaching”

He did not want me to call 911, he went into the barroom and close the door, and I waited a few minutes, and went to check on him. He was laying face down on the floor and was blue already."

That's heartbreaking. He sounds like a genuine nice guy, and it's a tragedy losing those rare people that really do care about other people.

But seriously, you gotta detaunt and snare Clogged Arteries, you can't just kite that shit away.

Hey, kiss my ass, that's way better than just using
Can I have his stuff?
like every other asshole.

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