Thursday, June 03, 2010

I'm being helpful

I've officially submitted a suggestion on the forums! I'm helping!

It's a suggestion on how to buff Blackguards! I think it's a winner, but I don't expect any comments or "KUDOS" because most people are stupid and only care about really simple-sounding, stupid ideas that are easy for stupid people to grasp and understand.

"1000 armor reduction yay! 450 Weapon Skill increase hooray!"
"That's not ever going to happen and would be dumb."
"No, man, you gotta really think about these things."

Also, my suggestion is written very poorly, but that is because I just copy-and-pasted it from a private discussion, and also because the subject makes me angry and indifferent and angrily indifferent which I would think is an impossibility but I guess not.

Jaycub also had a really great idea, which surprised me because Jake is a Knight and I heard he is only 12.
Most Knights are 12 and under, that's a fact. I think you can still look that up on that Winkl's WAR stats site, the percentage of Knights that are under 12 years old is 88%

Perhaps the Warhammer 40k game will use that idea, I don't know.
I mean, it's fucking Joe Maduriera, right? Seems like monster trucks + Joe Mad = match made in Heaven. or Hell. Whichever.

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