Thursday, June 24, 2010

What WAR could steal from the WWF, part I

WHILE I'm on the subject of BSD's ideas, let's talk about 2 other things real quick.

Firstly, I was disappointed the 6v6 Tournament didn't pan out. Not surprised, given the state of the server (Iron Rock is a tremendous clusterfuck of pricks, vaginas and anuses) and also not surprising given the general state of the game (guys were actually bitching that they didn't even have enough guildies left to field a 6 man).

It's a shame, 6v6 really shows off different group dynamics and solid group play, which is what the game is about.

However, switching to 3v3 / 4v4 Tournie would be probably easier to schedule and does add more potential teams to the pool. I don't know. It's hard to organize things. That's something I've learned from firsthand experience as a professional fight promoter. I have a successful NMA* company in Japan and run a very popular XTCF** league in Indonesia.

(*Nude Muscle Action)
(**eXtreme Toddler Cage Fighting)

It's hard. Even the great Vince McMahon has tried and failed. (He Fail Me.) Dana White, Don King, they all have faltered before. What is it that made them so successful? They are unlikable, crazy, egotistical assholes and dealing them with probably feels like having a root canal performed on your rectum.

If I was Ty, I'd assign a match at a set time and if you don't show or give me any shit, you get a DQ and you (and your alts) are locked out of any and all matches for the next month as well. Fuck you, have a nice day.

It's about risk and reward, getting people to fight for you. You have to put something on the line, something to win and lose. There has to be concrete rewards for participating and real punishments for not participating. Punishment is easy; don't show, you forfeit. Be on time, have subs, stay in line or you lose the fight and the right to fight next month.

Rewards are harder to come by. Yes, organized fights are rewarding in that they are fun and a way to stroke your epeen. But most people get their jollies off in those departments by spawn camping lowbie pugs and then printing out screenshots of their deathblows to pin to the back of the heads of their Real Dolls.


You need something ...tangible, lasting.
Something along the lines of Mythic's leaderboards and city statues.

Why not have weekly matches and then an end of the month clincher, with the winning teams featured on a specially-made website? Show off the top 3 teams in big shiny screenshots... BSD IRON ROCK TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS, WINNER, JULY with a screenshot picture of the players posing with their banners and smiling for the camera.
Then below that you have smaller header titles and smaller shots for the 'silver' and 'bronze medal' winners.

A seperate page could list the winners of each months champions, a Hall of Champions thing. You could even dedicate a page to each team - just a shot of those guys with their banner and a little record of their accomplishments. Like a baseball card. A fucking trophy case. W's. L's. Golds, Silvers, Bronzes. Tag Team Belts.

...And each no show will be listed as a bright red DQ followed by a LOCKED OUT the following month.

You could schedule spin-off 6v6s, 2v2s, 1v1s, Ladder Matches, No-Holds Barred Free For All Survivor Matches, Grudge Matches where the losing team has to take a screenshot with each member /cowering to the winning team... why not, right?


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