Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Idea of the Day

Regnum, the free-to-play RvR game, is doing a neat World Cup thing in honor of some sort of wacky soccer tournament that is taking place this summer.

From June 9th to July 13th, players can pick a special costume piece that corresponds to one of the 32 countries playing in the World Cup. While your chosen country's 'uniform' is equipped, you earn points for that country by earning points in PvP action.

Warhammer never does cool shit like this, ever.


Had an idea for the Guild Cup of Warhammer - during this 2 week stretch the guild with the most members on the two big PvP leaderboards, Kills + Scen Wins, would win the Guild Cup.

Not the worst idea in the world, I just hate my server and feel like the official forums are like romper room for special needs students, so, I could care less about trying to do shit like that. Don't know how Ty was able to manage even attempting the 6v6 tournie.

I still want Captain America armor, though. Someone make that happen. With an Evel Knievel motorcycle mount that can do stunt jumps off mountains.

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