Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Afraid

VIDEO: SWTOR Announces PvP 'Warzones'

"In the Old Republic, players battle it out in warzones. In these warzones, players will experience fierce battles that evoke memories of famous Star Wars ground conflicts."

Which famous Star Wars ground conflicts? The one where the teddy bears beat the shit out of space marines with sticks and rocks or the one where the army of Jar Jars threw giant marbles at the retarded stick figure robot army?


*Quick update:
Massively Interview

Massively: Now with the PvP War Zones, they are going to be instanced as well?

Rich Vogel: The PvP War Zones are very similar to what you see in WAR and WoW.

(*ie instanced Scenario / Battleground team vs team Capture the Flag type bullshit)

Massively: Will there be any instances of open PvP or is that something you have on your map?

Rich Vogel: Well, we haven't really talked much about that yet, but I'd rather not say much about that. But since other games have that, it's a likely assumption.

This is what scares me about features in this game (and most MMOs now)... the "since other games have that, we should too" philosophy. It's nice to have lots of stuff in a game, I know everyone wants this to be the Dream Game that is all things to all people. But games go horribly wrong when they go all Kitchen Sink mode and try to please everyone. You can't do it. Look at WAR. Hell, look at WoW. Read that quote again. We didn't engineer the game and classes and balance around it, we just added it on.

Massively: So you are looking at it?

Rich Vogel: We will have open PvP play and we will have instances, I'll just put it that way.

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