Thursday, June 03, 2010



What's due for patch 1.3.6?

Armor Updates?
Check. Hopefully. If nothing bugs out, sure, why not?
Zealot / Rune Priest Updates? Maybe sometime? It's being thought about. Pencil that shit in.
Blackguard Update? LOL.
Content? .../cricket... .../cricket...

I DO love the Armor Update idea. I loved it in Lord of the Rings, it's just a very cool idea. One of the things I truly hated about that game (The Purple Pajama Epidemic) suddenly became a huge plus for the game (being able to build and customize your own distinctive, cool look and show off some of the neat-looking crap you've collected).

Not sure it will work just as well in this game (LOTRO had all sorts of decent, different-looking gear found from drops, vendors and crafting, and better graphics) but it's a good start and closure on a sore point with players that's dragged on way, way too long.

Also, supposedly they're working on finally polishing the Zealot/RP abilities, so that they can simply "toggle" from healing to damage-dealing at will.

I know that this is a huge relief and I can't wait until more of the Zealots think they can DPS. Should be a big boost for the game. Call Blizzard and tell them to cancel that other new MMO they're working on, it doesn't stand a chance now.

The proposed change to allow for Realm Xfers on the same server is now limited to situations where you don't have other servers to play on.
...I still read that as "Yes, we're going to merge all the servers, you should just quit now and Pre-Order the Collector's Edition of Guild Wars 2". But, that's just me.

Also, fuck you, Blackguards.

Warhammer will continue to have less new content than the game "Connect Four".
Try back again in another six to eight months, maybe they'll mention something about new content.


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