Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SWTOR is (Choose One): 1 Broken 2 Exposed 3 Spacebar

SWTOR PvP completely imploding, apparently everyone in the world saw this coming but BioWare.

I obviously don't take any joy in this, I'm sort of putting my head in the sand to avoid even looking at ...whatever the hell they consider PvP. I've been playing my lower-level Scoundrel on a different server while my Sniper gathers dust.

Perhaps a shitstorm like this was necessary to open their eyes to needed changes. The problem is, the game needs a lot of changes. Big, radical changes. And very soon. Which is totally fucking terrifying because that has never ended well, ever in the entire history of history.

It's like quicksand at this point -- the more they struggle the quicker they'll sink and die.

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