Monday, December 13, 2010


I hadn't made a posting about Warhammer this month, I'd wanted to hold off and wait until I could really pass judgment.

I'm passing judgment now.

I'm not going to say you should or shouldn't play WAR, that's your call. Most already don't, and won't, so you probably don't care all that much. I heard some other game was doing something that involved werewolves or something? Anyways. I just figured I'd list the reasons why I'm not playing WAR any longer.

- Just general fucking incompetence.
My group ragelogged out of an instance last night because all of us had unholy Rez Lag making the game unplayable for us. Don't know what Rez Lag is? You're better off not knowing. It's what you get when you play in the amateur leagues!


- Running assbackwards into oblivion.
I was under the impression that RvR was supposed to
A. Be more dynamic, involve less waiting around.
B. Break up the zerg.
C. Make city fights more epic.

Hey, guess which one of those things they accomplished?
That's right, none. They made a list of three things they wanted to fix and they actually managed to fuck up each aspect even worse somehow.

- Fuck your dead server.
There should be 2 servers.  Iron Rock is OK... if you're playing during a 2 hour window. Otherwise, it's a fucking ghost town. Don't que. Don't roam. Don't reroll an alt. There's nothing going on. AAA MMO's don't operate this way. Hell, shitty F2P MMOs don't operate this way.
You can't just let loyal, paying customers rot on the vine like that.


or the Rift beta this weekend, whichever comes first.

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