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GameFAQS: Warhammer Online FAQ/Strategdy Guide

8=====@ WARHAMMER ONLINES: Age of the Reckoning @=====8

Created by: SephirothLichKing


Table of Contents

[1] Introduction
    [1.1] The Game
    [1.1] Getting Started
    [1.2] Names
    [1.3] Joining a "Guild"
[2] RvRs - Work Together!
    [2.o] How to "War Bands"
    [2.1] Fighting in WBs, How?
    [2.2] City Siege Strategdy
[3] PVP - Scary but Fun
    [3.1] Scenario Stragetdy
    [3.2] Dools
    [3.3] Six Mens

[1] Introduction

This is my third attempt at a FAQ, I have previously written FAQS for "Battleships" and Making Out With Girls. Making Out isn't a game, but I'm good at it and wrote FAQ Stratedgy Guides for doing it if you want to learn more please contact me.

[1.1] The Game

Warhammer Online (usually shortened to "WHO" or "WO:AoR" or "WHOAR") is an online game with "RvR" (pronounced "RAH-VURR"), made by the Mythic game studios. Mythic also made "DAOC" (pronounced "DAY-OCK" or "DAH-OAK"), which was a game that was the best gameplay ever because it had relics and playable Wood People.

[1.2] Getting Started

What kind of awesome player do you want to be? It's a good question. Take a moment to look at the "Classes" description when Selecting a Character. Do you want to do the most Magical Damage? A Shaman or Magus is a class you could play. Do you like arrows? Shadow Warriors shoot arrows. I wanted to play a "Tank" Class that did the most of all damage, so I choose Black Guard with spears for my gameplay.

[1.3] Names

The best part of any MMMO Game System is naming your hero. There are several guide lines for naming in WHOAR.

* The "Choppa" class requires that you have a name that starts with "Chop" or Mythic will ban you. Think of word or everyday phrase that sounds like "chop" and have fun with it. My Choppa is named Choppingcart for example it is a very good name.

* Bright Wizards should have "Fire", "Flames" or "Wizard" in their name. What would be the best name then? Flamewizard, always. If that is taken, you could try Firewizard, or Flamingwizard. Be creative. Wizardflames?

* Adding x or z to the end of your name shows other players you are a "pro style" player. Example: Wizardflamezx.

* Do you want to do "Role Playing" with the Dwarves and Elves? The best "RP'ed" players use the Random Name Generator, because the best Elfen names always are blindly thrown together with random syllables and consonants. Lilfindururolaeneanan, for example, is a perfect RP Elf name. Gaiynusinurpaenilean is my "White Lion" name. Do you want a great Dwarfen name? Cut your tongue with a knife and then try to say your real life name! My RL name is Spider Love, so my Dwarf Ironbreaker name is: Thardurr Owfuck.

[1.4] Joining a "Guild"

"Guilds" in Warhammer are small groups of players that allow you to :
1. Most importantly, PVE in dungeons for best gear.
2. Listen in the "Vent" communications for the sound of belches and jokes about being homo-sexual in your private life.

Keys to joining the best guild possible in WHOAR :
Does it have your attitude for winning?
The best guilds are serious about being the best in WHOAR, and have the best guild names.
Best Destruction guilds and Alliances follow the format of "(Something) of (Something)" names and/or uses the word Dark or Black or scary words.
Very good example: "Blackdarks OF Midnight"

Best Order guilds and Allies uses 1 word, that sums up their attitude in playing. The very best ones sound like a type of fantasy cologne for angry men.
"Aggravation". "Eminence". "Dismissed."

Does it have uniform colors?
All the best guilds have required color "combinations" for their guild players. This is useful for: identifying team-mates fastly on the fields. How else would you find your tank if he does not wear the cream-and/or-steel grey-and-blazing orange of your guildies? You wouldn't. This is also a sign of guild pride, all best guilds work together, and look together.

[1.4] Getting Good

The key to this game is just playing it and knowing things. Have you played this game for a period of time and know things about it? Congratulations, you are good.

Are you 40? Can you kill salamanders? Do you understand which of your spells do damage and which have other effects? You are good.

Not good yet? Kill salamanders. Get to 40! Take time to understand which of your abilities can deal damage and which do other things. That is my advice to you, and I've been good for so long.

BONUS PRO-TIP: Practice your skills on Keep Doors! This is the best way to know which abilities do which things and which are most important in RvRs and PvPs.
If an ability does not deal "damage" to a door, this is not a very painful skill to use. ;)
Find the most painful combos on doors, and you will be better than good. You will be "elite".

[2] RvRs: Work Together!

"RvR" if you don't know, is short for "Realm versus Realm" combats, or as some call it - "Retards versus Retards" (many WHOAR players are mentally handicapped so this is not offensive).

[2.O] Forming the "War Bands"

An important part of the RVRs is simply joining with many players in a "WB". You can do this by using the Group intraface or by asking in your local region "any open wb" until a open wb invites you.

[2.1] Fighting in WBs, How?

Next question is, what do we act as a "WB"??
Answer: do you see green dots on your map? Or are there random "realmies" running around doing things in your area? Follow them. This is working together.

If there are comments within your warband or region giving instructions on which "BOs" (Battle Objects) or "Keeps" (Keeps) should be "covered", "attacked" or "AFKed at", try to do this. Do whatever is being said, because if someone is confidently typing something in this game, it means they are sure they know what they are talking about.

There are secret formulas and complicated add-on programs used to calculate how different things "flip", "dominate", and "lock"; no-one can ever be really sure exactly how any of this system works, the answer is- "follow green dots" and "run off and do whatever is being said in chat".

[2.1] City Fight Strategdty

The end-of-game fighting model is when a City opens for combats. The City Fight is 3 (Three) Stages:

Stage 1:
All players must run and hit the cannon things. Remember: Always stay on cannons after you killed them. They give the RPs. Win this stage.

Stage 2:
Your realmies have 2 "Super Champions" and the enemy realmies have 2 "Super Champions". Kill their Super Champions and save your Super Champions. Win this stage.

Stage 3:
The four best players in the game are made into Super Champions on each side. They get really big and strong, and all join a party together, except for the tank who is left out, because he cannot guard and doesn't really matter. Kill their Super Champions and then win this stage.

[3] PvP - Scary, but Fun

Sometimes fighting salamanders isn't as fun as fighting other players playing other guys, and you will want to "PvP".
There are 3 kinds of PvP fights.

First: Ganking.
If you lose a fight, you were illegally jumped by a OP hacker who was like 40 levels higher than you and wearing Martin Fury in every single item slot. You were "ganked".

Second: Griefing.
If you lose a fight when you didn't want to fight, you were griefed by a griefer. It feels very wrong and shameful to be killing salamanders and suddenly have to fight another player in a PvP game. When you are griefed, it is best to write a letter to Mythic explaining what happened and then take a "mental break" from the game. I usually watch my old VHS Cosby Shows and that makes me feel better. You might want to do something different?

Third: Pwning.
Pwning is the Russian word for "Winning". Russians do not just "win", they are evil and will kill you. So, Pwning is winning by murder. When you are pro and can win over other players by killing them, you are Pwning.

Besides these 3 types of open-fields PvP, there are organized arrangements for PvP fighting.

[3.1] Scenario Strategdty

Scenarios are a big part of WHOAR. It is a true test of your gamesmanship as a teams-player.

There is much tactics and stragetdy in competing at high-levels Scenario combat. An important part of winning is preparing a group of friends to "que" with. We call the line for Scenarios a "que" because the wait feels like the letter "Q" - like being stuck in a big, fat empty donut that ends with a little stick being jabbed in your bottom.

How do you best form a Scenarios group?
The best thing to do is form a "Pre-Made"?

For Order, this means Pre-Mades should have 4 Warrior Priests, 4 Knights and 4 Bright Wizards.
For Destruction, this means Pre-Mades should have 4 DPS Tanks, a DPS Shaman and a Magus for Killing Blows.

How to win Scenarios?

First, always hit enemy tanks. "Sword-and-Board" tanks, of course, they have the most armor and damage resistancers, so the hardest to kill players must be attacked first. Do you notice how much he blocks and parries your attacks and how little his health bar moves? Imagine how long it would take to kill him if you didn't chip away at him for 39 damage every 2.4 seconds! A very long time. Also, if you hit a 'softer' target that actually takes damage, he might run away or something. Trick tanks into thinking they're not dying, and they will eventually die, probably.

Two tried and true tactics are this:

A. Hit What's Closest
B. Everybody On Different Targets

"Hit What's Closest" is a super efficient way to fight other organized groups. Why take 2 or 3 whole seconds to run towards a different target if there is a juicy Tank with full health and absorb bubbles on him right there for you to attack? Do you notice how everything around is dying so quickly in all your Scenarios? That is the magic of "Hit What's Closest".

"Everybody On Different Targets" is a more advanced stratedgty, it takes a lot of work to get 2 groups of people completely not in sync and spread out across the field attacking different targets. But when it does it happen, it is unstoppable. No healer can withstand the onslaught of this sure and steady damage trickling in from every angle. This is every organized Order healer's worst nightmare.

Other similar philosophies that work with these tactics are:

"Group Heal From Extreme Distance",
"Guard No One",
"Run In One At A Time",
"Immediately Flee When An Enemy Looks At You",
"Stand In Front Of Their Guards Killing No One And Then Get Wiped Completely"

Just remember, Destro Players, when you finish every Scenario killing 0 players and dieing 9 times, that's only telling you that you're getting better. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, so just imagine how strong you are after all those embarrassingly pathetic performances. Think of it like this, when The Beatles were babies, they were probably super shitty musicians. They probably couldn't play instruments well at all. But then they became the Beatles. You'll be The Beatles one day, you just have to keep trying to play that guitar with your fat little baby fingers, right?

[3.2] Dools

Dools are 1 on 1 fights between players. Dools are the test of how good a person you are. These dools can be arranged on Dool Nites, through other communications (Forums, "Vent", "The IRC", Bathroom Walls), or they can happen spontaneously when 2 respectful gladiators meet on the fields of combating.

When this happens, it is good to spam a long series of "emotes" at the other player to acknowledge him and do proper doolings.

This is the generally accepted sequence of emoting for "honorable" dools:

Player 1: /wave
Player 2: /wave
Player 1: /askhowyouredoing
Player 2: /sayokbeenbetteriguess
Player 1: /beckon
Player 2: /holdupiwanttochangetactics
Player 1: /thatscoolimkindofwatchingdancingwiththestars
Player 2: /beckon
Player 1: /chilloutthesituationisdancing
Player 2: /dudecomeon
Player 1: /beckon
Player 2: /ohshitletmedrinksomepotionsandshit
Player 1: /fag
Player 2: /bow
Player 1: /bow
Player 1: /cheer
Player 2: /toast
Player 2: /lookintoeyeslongingly
Player 1: /gazebackintoeyes
Player 1: /slowlymoveforward
Player 2: /kiss
Player 1: /kiss
Player 2: /fondlebreast
Player 1: /whoawhoawhoa
Player 2: /whatithoughtsthatwhatyouwanted
Player 1: /whatdoyouthinkiam
Player 2: /welldressinglikethatisjustaskingforit
Player 1: [attacks]
Player 2: [attacks]

Remember: Use potions and pocket items early and often.
Also, repeatedly use the /LOL emote at the loser and then immediately announce in region chat that you are God.

[3.2] Six Mens

You can do more than just arrange dools, you can arrange super dools between 2 groups of Six Mans. Many "pro" teams do this with great success, to practice their skills and declare their Pwnery.

The keys to victory here are:
*If you are Order, bring 2 Slayers with 'Shattered Limbs'. This is an unbeatable team.
*If you are Destruction, bring 2 Squig Herders, 2 Zealots, a Chosen & a Blackguard. This is an unbeatable team.
*A 7th and 8th player will add on to fight almost every time. This only makes killing them funner.
*Are you getting beating badly by a team? A good strategy is saying that you need to "switch out knights" and "change tactics" for 15 minutes, this will hopefully throw the other team off their rhythym, much like icing a kicker in football.
*Did you beat a team soundly and want to add "insult to injury"? When they ask for a rematch, tell them that your Choppa mysteriously disconnected somehow and they'll have to wait. Continue to drink beer and make the other team wait for half an hour. When they finally get "pissed" and leave, apologize but secretly laugh at them.

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