Monday, October 25, 2010

My favorite class? Recess!

For Dan-

Quick overview of the upcoming classes in both The Old Republic & Rift :

Star Wars: The Old Republic  <+>
Note: Each class in TOR has 2 different subclasses, total of 5 different talent trees.

Example: Smugglers will choose from the Scoundrel (long ranged damage) or Gunslinger (mid-range support) 'Advanced Classes' and spec using 'Skill Sets' - a core class tree "Luck" (crit, energy regen), "Sharpshooter" (sniping), "Dirty Fighting" (AOE), "Sawbones" (healing) and/or "Scrapper" (Melee, CC).

Races will vary from class to class; include Human, Zabrak, Chiss, Sith Pureblood, Twi'lek, Rattataki, Mirialan, Miraluka.

The Galactic Republic 
 vs. The Sith Empire
  • Trooper : Commando (ranged tank) or Vanguard (damage)
     vs. Bounty Hunter : Powertech (ranged tank) or Mercenary (damage)
  • Jedi Knight : Guardian (tank, buffs) or Sentinel (damage, dual wield)
      vs. Sith Warrior : Juggernaut (tank, buffs) or Marauder (damage, dual wield)
      vs. Sith Inquisitor : Sorcerer (heals, CC) or Assassin (damage, 2H saber)
  • Smuggler : Scoundrel (stealth heals, CC) or Gunslinger (damage, dual wield)
      vs. Imperial Agent : Operative (stealth heals, CC) or Sniper (damage)

Rift: Planes of Telara <+>
Note: There are four base archetypes (Callings) broken down into (8?) different sub-classes (Souls) with their own talent trees. Each character can spec into any of the Souls from any of the archetypes, mixing and matching up to 3 different Soul Trees at one time.

The Guardians (Medieval Humans, Dwarves, High Elves)
vs. The Defiant (Nomadic Humans, Tattooed Purple Dudes, Dark Elves)

Warrior classes (heavy plate armor)
Champion (2H sword, dash-and-slash Knight)
Reaver (shield or 2H, DoT & debuff Death Knight)
Paladin (shield, blessing & blocking Holy Knight)
Warlord (buff & debuff auras, 2H weapons, shield?)
... TBA

Cleric classes (chainmail & cloth armor)
Purifier (primary heals, uses fire magic to cure & cleanse, low-offense spiritcalling)
Inquisitor (secondary healer, uses lifestealing, 2H and/or hammer-and-book)
Sentinel (defensive AoE heals, survival & group support, hammer-and-shield)
Justicar (frontline melee healer, mace-and-shield)
... TBA

Rogue classes (leather armor)
Nightblade (stealth, augments dual blade attacks w/ fire & shadow magic)
Ranger (tames pets, ranged bow attacks)
Assassin (stealth, augments dual blade attacks w/ poisons)
Blade Dancer (dual wields swords & daggers for defense, combo attacks)
... TBA

Mage classes (cloth armor)
Elementalist (summons elemental minions, elemental magic)
Warlock (DoT & debuff Death Mage, AoE and ST spells)
Pyromancer (uses fire magic to nuke and CC)
Stormcaller (chains lightning, wind, water & ice spells to CC, debuff & nuke)
... TBA


TERA <+>
6 Races (+)
Humans, Stripper Demons, Overweight Gerbils, Beergutted Gray Dudes, Dragon Mans, High Elves

8 Classes
Warrior (light armor tank, dual wields swords)
Lancer (heavy armor tank, lances & shields)
Berserker (heavy armor tank, 2H axes)
Slayer (light armor melee damage, 2H greatswords)
Archer (light armor ranged damage, traps, bows)
Sorcerer (ranged damage, AoE nukes, disc weapons)
Mystic (robed heals/support, close-range utility, pets, scepters)
Priest (cloth armor heals/support, buffs, staves)

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