Monday, August 22, 2011

Head to Head

VIDEO: Guild Wars 2 PvP Instance - Khylo

VIDEO: Old Republic PvP Instance - Alderaan

VIDEO: Old Republic PvP Instance - Huttball 

It's been interesting to see a bit of compare-and-contrast with SWTOR and GW2's PvP this week.
Official GW2 Blog about the Khylo map and a GW2 PvP Overview

GW2: All players in PvP are automatically set to the maximum level and given access to "all the necessary skills, items, etc."
SWTOR: There's a Bolster system so that if you want to que with higher or lower levels, it roughly evens out. While you're in "open bracket" PvP, all the T2-T3 lowbies are boosted to about the strength of an average level 40, they're just missing the skills that come with it.

GW2: Everything's cross-server.
SWTOR: Nothing's cross-server.

GW2: Hot-join PvP can be played from 1v1 all the way up to 10v10
SWTOR: Warzones are usually 8v8, 12v12, give or take a group possibly.

GW2: 5v5 Mega E-Peen Ladder Tournaments.
SWTOR: If you want to tournie, you'll have to go on the forums or IRC and arrange your own personal blood orgies.

GW2: All their maps revolve around Conquest gameplay with some mega lazers, trebuchets or angry dragons thrown in.
SWTOR: The few maps I know about seem to want to be completely different. Huttball is pseudo CTF - basically football with swords and guns, Alderaan is Domination, Voidstar is a big sprawling Conquest map.

GW2: Open PvP is essentially the instanced WvWvW (server vs server vs server) map-chain.
SWTOR: There are PvP lakes in shared zones starting around level 20, and there's speculation that they might add an entire endgame PvP World. Also, there's PvP servers, if you know, you're into that sort of thing.

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