Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Secretive War: TSW PvP

Secret World preview from

Ten Ton Hammer Interview

*new Massively preview from PAX 

It's good to finally see more about the open world PvP, but I'm seeing really very few new, meaty details. We already knew about the 3 different battlegrounds, although we did learn that there will be collision.

We learned that the open world battlefields will be persistent and provide buffs to the controlling faction. (This was expected, what would be nice would be knowing what kind of buff(s), how many battlefields are we talking about and if they tie together somehow.) 

It's sounding a little like Warhammer and (bleh) Aion, but of course, TSW would have a 3rd faction and all the other weird shit that could make it worth playing. Players in the demo assault an objective (an Anima Well), which grants you charges to knock down the door of an enemy-controlled temple. Players then try to buzzsaw through defending players and kill the temple's big-ass NPC defender, who will then magically become your bitch and fight for you.

Sounds neat, I'm sure this will sound swell to plenty of RvR'ers, but I still cringe hard whenever I see Player vs. Door mechanics and NPCs in PvP. 

One thing that oddly bothers me way more than it should is the uniform system. Whenever you're in a PvP setting, you'll automatically appear to be wearing a role-specific faction-colored uniform ... so, if you have tanky abilities, you'd appear to be wearing say, a bulletproof vest and riot mask or something, none of the gear you're actually wearing will show. 

I understand the need to do this in a game where players seem to equip hoodies and leather jackets as armor, but it definitely mutes your sense of individual identity ... something that's kind of a big deal in a MMORPG, especially one so story-driven.

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