Friday, April 06, 2012

[weekend heads up]

  • Path of Exile is offering up beta access and other goodies here.
Wanna spend $10 on PoE? $1000? You can. No, you can actually spend a grand on the game already. But it does allow you to help design a unique item. Which is pretty sweet.

I'm not sure what I would want made, if it was my item to design. Maybe like a sword that was just a wolverine duct-taped to Frostmourne. Or like a big red hat that lets you see through girls clothes (lol).

Screw you, it's my $1000.

Interesting to note just what their cash shop will be selling:

As a test of our microtransaction system, we’re initially offering two small purchases:
  • Extra Stash Tab (30 Points): Your quota of stash tabs is increased in all leagues. The number of stash tabs is not reset when we enter Open Beta.
  • Extra Character Slot (30 Points)

At Open Beta, we will have a range of different microtransactions for sale, including many of the following:

  • Public stash tabs (viewable to other players for trade purposes)
  • Cosmetic pets
  • Alternate skill effects
  • Special animations (for example, taunts or PvP victory animations)
  • Special paid leagues (with custom game rules)
  • Guild storage
  • Alternate item skins and visual effects
  • Special cosmetic item properties such as “extra gore”
  • Item dyes

and it's odd that they made the pre-req for becoming a 'commander' a "hefty gold cost", "a substantial sum of gold". If I was a cynical type, I'd be wary of manufactured moneysinks in a game that just happens to sell gold.

More on WvW in this interview.

Good question asked recently -- is there any Underdog buff in WvW?

I believe so, there's mention of "Outmanned", which supposedly gives you a third more XP, Karma, and 20% more rare loot find chance. We'll see if that's in there at launch.

  • Also, TERA has another closed beta weekend going on, if you're interested.

Enjoy the time-killing.

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