Sunday, July 18, 2010

Judging People

It's wrong to judge people.

I had judged this woman, this neighbor of mine. She would feed all these stray cats, about two dozen of them, all constantly multiplying. We all called her The Crazy Cat Lady. She was a sad, lonely old dingbat that could only find companionship in dirty, disgusting, disease-ridden, dumpster-feeding vermin. That's what we thought. Why else would she leave out plates of stinking cat food all around her yard and let these soulless, scabbed-over fleabags into her house?

"They're nothing but filthy, mangy parasites!" I would say. "I'm sick of seeing these pathetic garbage-eaters, they sicken me!"

"Crazy Old Cat Lady!" I yelled at her one day. "Why don't you just get rid of those nasty things and try to rejoin the human race like everyone else!"

"Oh, dear!" she replied with a smile. "These are just for the coming of The Zombie Apocalypse. When you're all scrounging for your last dented cans of beans, I will be feasting on fresh, delicious meat for all my days!"

"I'm .. I'm sorry," I said, suddenly ashamed. "I'd misjudged you. You're not just some Crazy Cat Lady. You're an extremely Awesome Wise Lady. I guess it is wrong to judge people."

Always be prepared for the coming blood storm of the End Days.


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