Thursday, July 29, 2010

So crazy it just might work

Today's installment of the Bad Idea Department is brought to you by
Sony Online Entertainment!

  • DCUO is promising "Iconic Play" 
This certainly smells as fishy as a frog's bunghole. You not only get to play alongside Batman and Superman in DCUO, you now will be able to play as them.

"How we do this is that throughout the game you actually find "sim cards," like you find a Batman sim card. You collect these cards, and once you get into the PvP side of the game, then you can actually play as the iconic heroes or villains on whatever card you just collected."

That's a neat idea except... now PvP's going to be nothing but pre-order edition Batmen fighting a handful of guys in the raid content Superman armor. Just an orgy of Batdudes throwing garbage cans at Superdouches.

I have no idea how you can utilize that and not have it be very stupid.

Their trailer was totally stroke-worthy, though.

  • - EverQuest II is adding Free-To-Play
I think this makes sense, if you do it right. They didn't just go the 'Fuck Y'all' route that Turbine took with Lord of the Rings. ("We're shoving a massive Cash Shop down everyone's throat, and we don't give a shit if you like it or not".)

What EQII's doing is building an 'experimental' F2P server, completely separate from the Subscription Servers.  That's Win-Win-Win, right? Sony gets to charge $5 for health potions, and dumb assholes with too much money have a place to buy $5 health potions. Meanwhile, the guys who hate F2P nickel-and-dime bullshit can continue to play as always and not have to deal with any of that malarky.
(Malarky is a word my Grandpa used. It means "crazy inter-species bird sex.")

That's a hat trick of Win... everyone gets what they want: the prospective New Player, the grizzled Old Player and the greedy Corporate Overlords.

I personally don't want the word F2P near any game I play, but if you have to do it, why not do it like this?

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