Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is how I role. play. with myself.



"You're a long way from Bligrigsteindorf, Bright Wizard. These are the Shadowlands.

...I see you notice my bow. It is quite large, I like my bows long and strong and made of sturdy, knotty wood. I like how they feel in my hands, the feel of a polished weapon growing tauter and tauter at my touch.  Touch it. Touch my bow. Can you sense the power it holds? It's one thing to throw fire about like a child, but a tool like this requires masterful skill.

 I've made you blush. I can see your cheeks turn rosy red even behind your thick auburn beard. Are you... shy, Bright Wizard? Let me embolden you."

/emote removes your Sovereign Flamerobe of the Inferno, slowly.

"Ah, you have freckles even there, Mage. I like that. We Asur are not marked in such a way. I can see that you're excited. How do you phrase it... 'building combustion'? You do look like you're about to explode. Why don't you Barrage your Fireballs right into my quiver, Wizard? Why don't you Fiery Blast into my face?

Do you like this? Yes, you do, you like it when I switch to Assault Stance! I call this the "Whirling Pin". Unnnh. I'm going to festerbomb all over you, here it comes... I'm going to rapid fire my penetrating arrows all in your ISHHHAAAAAA"

I wanted to try to get "red velvet tongue tickling your silky pink perineum" in there, but that even made me gag.

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