Saturday, November 06, 2010


Bioware listened to the fans heckling them about naming one of the Jedi sub-classes "WIZARD" and has put naming to a vote.

How awesome is that? I sometimes wish more game decisions were made democratically like that. Games are made for the players, after all. Shouldn't our voices be heard? I'd like to think so. But then I look at game forums and remember, "Oh yes, these people are fucking morons." I also recall a speech from my younger days, one I would give to new trainees:

"The customer is always right... if by "right" you mean fat and stupid and willing to eat their children alive if they tasted like Chicken McNuggets. Customers are right because people are shit."

So, if you remember nothing else from this posting, remember these 2 things:

1. Space Wizards = Gay.
2. People = Shit.


Key features I agree with so far
*Relatively small-scale warzones (8v8) ... I'm all for that, I think most people are.

*The "win condition" mechanics will actually have real thought put into them (ie instead of just playing flag football like grade schoolers, your team will be doing stuff like ka-ka-ka-blowing up ships with cannons.
...Sounds potentially neat, but I'm still not even really sure PvP instances should bother with 'mechanics' at all. I think most of just want a fun place to kill dudes. Personally, I don't want it to be game-y at all. It should be a fucking street fight, keep the flags and glowballs and cannons and crap out of it.
I'll reserve my judgment until I see the mechanics in action.

*Crafting is talked about, and supposedly your crew of companions will be doing that shit for you. I think that's fantastic, really. I hate crafting, but I love stuff - making stuff, using stuff, leveling stuff. This essentially gives me all the stuff I like without the shit I don't like.

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