Saturday, November 05, 2011

Imperial Agent Progression Video [HD]


- We're introduced to the Agent in what looks like street clothes, doing a spinning blade attack and firing a rifle made of soup cans.

Her rifle fires plasma-hot Campbell's Laser Noodle Soup

- Agent gets new threads; a black-and-white outfit with officer-y collar and ribbons and such.

- Agent seen deploying an explosive probe droid and breaking out her energy blade, which appears to stun her target.

- Characters still inexplicably run around like they have a deuce in their britches.

Agents are so sneaky that they use invisible Stealth Pistols

- The Operative is seen in a dark leather outfit, long coat, and Space Sunglasses that have a chinstrap for some reason. The upgraded rifles she's using aren't very exciting, but they're not made out of soup cans, so that's a plus.

- Stealthed, firing a sleeping dart and using a backstab like a typical Rogue. Then she unloads with her rifle, which sends an orange flare across the screen for some reason. I'm not sure why a stealthy undercover Agent uses rifle fire that can be seen from space.

"Hey guys, do you notice a floating wrist-mounted dart launcher over th-"

- Throwing dagger in the ass! Don't bother running, man, you'll only die with an energy blade in your rectum.

- Higher-end Operative seen in neat hooded gear. Kind of hard to argue with that look, even if it is a weird shade of Grandma Lilac.

- I thought the guy being held hostage was pooping. This video would've been more interesting with people getting killed while on the can.

...don't even ask what's going on here.

- Green Gas Grenade! That can't smell good. Also, some really dynamic shots of the Agent standing completely still and firing at targets who are also standing completely still.

- Green Laser Fire! That can't feel good. The companion tosses a fiery grenade, again, standing completely still and trading shots with a guy standing completely still.

- Oh no, a giant spiderbot! The completely unmoving companion dies because apparently she didn't notice the giant spiderbot. The Operative uses cover and resurrects the companion for the obligatory nod to the fact that Operatives are supposed to be viable healers (You're welcome! Thanks for watching!) Then the Operative shoots at a barrel of ...something flammable, which is a useful ability if you're attacking people having a barbecue, I guess.

She's so Secret Agent that she has a hood for her hood.

- The Sniper is seen in the boring straps-and-pockets leather outfit. She immediately sets up behind her 'laser fence' portable cover and begins headshotting slow-moving scrubdroids.

- She tosses out a droid that scoots around randomly zapping the droids' toes. Are you excited to play the Engineering spec now? You'll get to have toe-zapping robot balls.

- Sniper uses her area knockback attack, the Cover Pulse. Sadly, no one goes falling off a ledge screaming AAIIIIIIYYYYyyyyyyyyy. They just completely disappear from the video.

- The toe-zappy droid blowesed up good. End of fight, thanks for playing.

- Holy grape gobble, the high-end Sniper looks cool.

I have to say that I was really giddily surprised at how much I liked that new look. The class was looking like nothing more than a Matrix-reject Space Narc in silly robo-sunglasses for a while, but this design has a really cooly mysterious, ranking officer Agent of Death look.

There's something really savagely bad-ass about a cold, faceless Killing Machine, so it's nice to see the Agent continuing in that tradition.

~ze Big Finale~
- Portable cover, headshot, portable cover + group screen. Calls in a big orbital strike. Laser-targeted headshot of a Jedi, and then the 'Cool Dude Walking Away From An Explosion A Headless Jedi' shot.

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