Friday, November 11, 2011

We Can Be Heroes: Greenskin Edition

Here's the beauty of Mythic's Wrath of Heroes:

Almost anything could be a playable Hero. Halfling Fighting Cocks? That could happen. A team of Snotlings working a Pump Wagon? Put that on my Christmas list, because I want it.

That said, I decided to make a list of 8 bad-ass Greenskins you could see in WOH.
Because Goblins and Orcs are awesome, green killing machines and if you don't like them I will literally punch you in your stupid asshole face.

*Note: We've already seen a Black Orc and Goblin Shaman in beta testing and there's a good chance you'll see a Squig Herder and Choppa in the future, so I won't mention them now.

Night Goblin Fanatic
Take your typical, blackhearted Goblin git. Stuff his little belly with Mad Cap, a fungus that gives him the strength and 'roid rage of twenty Mark McGwires. Now give him a huge ball-and-chain weapon and watch him spin into combat like a little green tornado. That's the Fanatic.

Goblin Rider
Here's two things I'd love to see in Wrath of Heroes:
- characters built to fight while riding mounts
- characters that have distinctively different looks with their appearance skins

Squig Hoppers from Games Workshop

Spider Rider
Savage Orc Shaman
Yeah, there's a Goblin Shaman, but that little git is for healin' and stirrin' up the Waaagh! An Orc Shaman would provide something not seen in the mmo - a hulking Orc dps caster melting faces with green laserbeam fury.

Orc Shamans at Games Workshop

Orc Boar Boy
Who would win in a fight between a team of Orc Boar Boyz and a team Goblin Wolf Riders?
Answer: Me, I would win, because I just want to see that shit happen.

Orc Boar Boyz @ Games Workshop
Goblin Nasty Skulker
 Goblins with Stealth are like peanutbutter with chocolate.
"[They] excel at darting forward and stabbing at an enemy's soft spots before slinking away. Such devious gobbos are known as Nasty Skulkers and are generally thought to be 'a bad piece o' work' even by shifty Goblin standards."

" If we iz really really fast, we can even lop of their head or stab 'em in da groin before dey even know wats 'appened."

Nasty Skulkers @ Games Workshop

Orc Raider
I don't know any backstory here, I just know that Orcs Raiders seem to run amok swinging torches in the air and stealing pigs and kegs. Works for me.
Klepto Pyromaniac Orcs sound like my kind of Heroes.

Orc Raider @ Games Workshop
Goblin Warboss
A tiny but oh so armored and 'ard to kill tank Hero.

Orc Arrer Boy
An archer strong enough to shoot arrows that knock you through a brick wall.

Orc Arrer Boyz @ Games Workshop

(*It would be cool to see either an alternate Black Orc or Choppa using a two-handed great weapon).

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