Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Beta-Off

Wrath of Heroes will beat the Old Republic in at least one way this week: it opens earlier.

Beta 3 starts tomorrow around 4pm EST, get an e-z key here from MMORPG.com, who also did a preview of the new map, Black Fire Pass.

"I played with the guys who made the game and they died often and liberally."

They do die a lot, but there's nothing wrong with dying liberally. You get to prolong the inevitable with months and months of ineffective discussion and then you get peppersprayed while you scream "ABORTIONS!"

Wait, that's not what you meant by liberally, is it?

Also: it's fun to watch other games suddenly pull weekend events out of their ass to try to fend off the TOR storm.
Fuck your Jedi, we have ...Clown-nose Corgis.

MMORPG.com is on a roll here:
"TSW is going to take the world by storm and set new standards for excellence"

If by "the world" you mean "a middling niche PC gaming audience" and "by storm" you mean "possibly after months of TOR and GW2 burnout" and if by "set new standards for excellence" you mean "charge them more than any other MMO as well as have a Cash Shop", then yes, I agree.

Massively also played the game some and wrote 25000 words about the experience, hailing it as the new messiah of MMORPGs.

Again, I read the whole thing and I think the key part of the article may be this:


Reader Question: "What would be the best name to pick for the 'Legacy' title underneath your name [in SWTOR]?"
Spider Love: "The Emeril Legacy"


I was going to write something original today, but I'm really under the weather. Here are two brunettes.

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