Monday, August 09, 2010

The Bad Days

This is a very bad time for MMORPGs. A bleak, half-forgotten Dark Age that we will solemnly discuss in very hushed tones only once it's safe, once we're playing The Old Republic.

"My god, what did we do during that time?"
"We did what we had to! We did what we had to survive!"
"I- I did horrible things! I... had no choice. I played Warhammer! I played Aion!"

And we'll look back and laugh and cry and shudder at the thought of playing such shitty, shitty games.

The irony now, at this current juncture, is that we're already nitpicking the big games coming out.

"Oh noes, teh Star Wars space combat is going to be a 5-minute mini-game? That's a deal-breaker! Boo hoo hurr durr!"

Relax yourselves. Even if SWTOR is only a tenth as good as we think it could be, it will still be 100 times more enjoyable than whatever crapbomb MMOs that are out now. Help is on the way, the cavalry is coming.

In the meantime, we'll have to scavenge amongst the debris looking for rat carcasses to sate our ravenous appetites.

I know I'll be trying the Vindictus CB this week, and you can tell it's bad when I'm even mentioning that. The game appears to be an Asian-made F2P 2-button hack-n-slasher that revolves around 2 stock characters. 2, as in two.
And ... I hope it's fun. I hope it is fun and stupid and I can kill things for a little while and not hate myself.
We'll see.

I also applied for the Bloodline Champions beta, just for the hell of it. But they are playing hard to get and haven't officially accepted me. For some reason, this makes me really want to get in and play this now.

Maybe other MMO's should look into that. Have Warhammer just start canceling random accounts saying "Oh, sorry man, you're just not my type."
"WHAT? You're turning me down? Just give me a chance, you won't be sorry! Please let me play your game!"

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