Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Making a difference

We're starting a new Warhammer guild, one that hopes to affect real change to the biggest problem plaguing the game. That's right: Gingers.

We hope to remove this insidious scourge completely from the game by forming an elite Witch Hunter Death Squad, a Gingerish Inquistion. We shall seek out and destroy completely any of those born with the Curse of Gingerness, forcing them to quit the game or forever face our righteous wrath. Their heresy must stand no longer. They are abominations in the eyes of God, and in His name shall we rend their ghostly white daemon-flesh from their horrific freckled faces, slicing off each of these orange-brown pockmarks of the devil with our rapiers and burning them all in our great ginger pyres.

Join us, brothers. The Lord's work needs doing.
Fear not the Daywalkers...

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