Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Under the radar

re: Rift demos
City Raids in Rift?

I saw several lower-level battlegrounds tiered for levels 8-10, 16-20, and 10-19, marked as capture-the-flag events.
We know Rift will offer both PvP and PvE servers, and the Trion team assured us that a PvP-flagging mechanic would be in place even on PvE servers, allowing for both consensual PvP and PvP during city raids (yes, city raids!). In fact, Scott told us that the team is considering allowing experience to be gained during PvP sessions, if that doesn't prove too unbalancing to the world-experience and dungeon-experience formulae.


Apparently there's a game in beta that involves boobies and mugging other players.
Sounds exciting except for the whole Korea thing. This leads me to believe that 90% of the game will involve grinding Pokemon nipple-turtles (Turple! Turple!) for 8 days until you to get to level 6.

Sign me up.

Funniest MMOment of the Week?
You decide...

FFXIV's fatigue system explained: if you play for more than an hour, an angry Japanese guy turns off your XP, repeatedly yells "You go now!" until you uninstall and play a game that is fun.

Cryptic admits they've done nothing but rush out mediocre, half-finished games, because they want you to buy their next game.

Warhammer announces their truimphant "expansion" finally, immediately gets 140 different Rage Threads and death threats on official forums.

Bioware says advanced classes for Jedi and Sith will include "Wizard" and "Sorceror".
Just call me Darth Potter.

The SWTOR space combat mini-game alone already looks more fun than the 36 different MMOs relased this year, combined.

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