Thursday, August 05, 2010

I can save you, Warhammer.

Stop laying off people, the game can be saved!
I'll tell you how to bring people to the game and keep them playing. It's so obvious it's kind of crazy.

They're introducing customizable armor appearance in the next patch, right?

Here's how you save the game. Two words.

Full. Frontal. Nudity. Armor.


You could even make "Nude Armor Sets" with tiered progression...

"Ewww, that Sorceress has a flabby belly with stretchmarks and sad pancake tits!"

"Yeah, that's just bullshit Nude Armor from Tier 1. Check out the Witch Elf with the T4 Jennifer Love Hewitts and J Lo ass."

"Marauders have a mutated left nut?"

"Oh man, that Black Orc is hung like an Orca. This game is so much more interesting and complex now."


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