Monday, August 09, 2010

The world needs more mediocre superhero MMOs

  • PvP in the forthcoming DCUO will involve some open-world shenanigans (don't worry, Care Bears, you have to 'flag' yourself for combat. Just like in the comics, right? You'd never see Joker just jump the Batman from behind, what kind of sense would that make), and some instanced battlegroundy type stuff, including a  2v2 King of the Hill match, 4v4 group-on-group action, as well as 8v8 and 16v16. I know what you're saying, "Spider Love, I don't give a shit!", yeah, sure, you don't care now, but when you see my 8-man Aquaman Gank Squad totally pwning noobs with our quick-strike Fish Communication skills, bringing sperm whale-sized pain to the world, you'll think twice about doubting this game.

  • But seriously, watch these Q+A sitdowns that DCUO's crew has with the geeks at these comic book conventions and wait for the inevitable "Green Lantern Rage" moment.
Comic Book Dork dressed head-to-toe in green: "Hi, I'm a huge Green Lantern fan, I have 46 separate Lantern tattoos, I named my children Green Lantern and Kilowog and I call my wife 'Hal Jordan' in bed. I once killed a man because he said that Thor could defeat Green Lantern. Literally, I strangled him to death. So, my question is will you be able to play as a Lantern, with Green Lantern powers?
DC rep: "Uh... we won't have that at launch, but it's something we were working on because it's pretty cool, so, yeah. Maybe later, I guess?"
Comic Book Dork: "..." /blinks violently, has blood coming out of nostrils and ear canals.

  • Herp durp durp? 
  • Derp.

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