Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GW2 Q+A highlights

I realize that this is almost 2 weeks old now, but ... hey, I was swamped with the holidays and the SWTORPOCALYPSE.

Wondering why I haven't been talking about SWTOR PvP?
It's clown shoes. That is why I'm not talking about it. Nice game, but Huttball can suck a lightsaber.

Bright. Shiny. Awful.


First, here's a look at the Mesmer.
Not really my ideal choice of a warrior, but that's just me. I'm not real into making glowy violet butterflies with my brain magic.

And this is some of Jon Peters + ArenaNet devs answering questions at Reddit:

Q: So lets say I play an Elementalist and I throw down a firewall and then want to switch to water attunement to heal some of my buddies, would I experience a kind of global cooldown from when I throw the firewall before and can switch to water attunement and then heal my buddies?

GLOBAL COOLDOWN! UGH please no. I hate global cooldown with the passion of 1000 fiery suns. In fact attunement swapping is instant so you can do it mid cast!!!

Q: I have heard rumors that organized pvp gives players a default set of gear for their class so everyone is on an even playing field. Can you confirm this? If not, will players have to grind for sets of pvp gear as they do in WoW?

Absolutely NOT!!! No grinding in PvP.

Here is how it works. You press a button that says go to PvP. You end up in the PvP lobby where you are max level, all skills and items and traits are unlocked and you make a build and go play in a hot join server. When you are done press the button again to return to PvE. It's that simple. Why anyone would want to spend time unlocking skills or leveling up in PvP is beyond me. :) If you want PvP with power creep and ganking and massive battles we have that too. It's called WvW.


No OPEN PvP in PvE, it doesnt make sense with how events work. However I think people who like Open Gank PvP (like myself) will REALLY love WvW.

Q: In WvW what is the maximum number of players allowed on one given map? Or what is the most people you've seen in a WvW at the office?

At least 500.

Q: [Zerging] Are there specific counters for it?

We use our secondary objectives to discourage this type of game play. By using things like a [trebuchet] that deals massive damage to everyone in the area you can really punish people for grouping up.

Q: How do you "win" WvWvW? What is the main objective?

There is a score system based on which objectives you hold. Score happens every so often and you gain points for each objective based on how big it is. At the end of the two weeks the team with the highest score "wins." As you gain these points you pass thresholds of score that give your server worldwide bonuses, so really EVERYONE wins!

Q: being an avid fan of DAOC I am sure you are aware of the development of realm pride, rivalries on the battlefield both by name and guild. What concerns me is the rotation of WvW every 2 weeks removing this aspect from Gw2. Could you elaborate on the purpose of this rotation? I also understand there will be world wide bonuses after taking certain objectives in WvW. How will these 'relics' be affected by the bi weekly rotation?

The purpose of the rotation is to keep match-ups fresh. If you played a lot of DaoC (as I'm sure you did by your name) then you'll know that it is very easy for one realm to achieve an advantage of skill or numbers over another realm, at that point it becomes less fun for everyone involved, both the winners and the losers. We feel like the rotation helps keep worlds of similar ability level playing each other. Rather than hurting rivalries we expect this to enhance them as it should result in much more competitive play overall. Take for example rivals in professional sports, even though most teams only play a few times a year rivalries will still develop.

Q: What is your #1 favorite thing about GW2?

Dynamic events. It will be nice to finally play an MMO with content that makes sense for the genre.

Q: Any favorite dungeon party set-up/teams you've had yet?

Any combination is actually very strong, which, in itself, is really one of our favorite things about the game. Instead of people needing to bring specific builds or professions, they just need to be good at whatever build/profession they bring.

Q: Hi, will you be able to finish any Instance with -lets say- 5 rangers with shortbow/dagger set. So will you really have a free choice in terms of professions?

It depends on if they are any good at playing ranger. Seriously though it is our goal is that how you play your profession and skills are more important than what you bring.

Q: Is it possible to play a 'tanking' role as a Warrior?

Take a Mace/Sword and a hammer. Healing skill: I recommend healing signet. Utility skills: Endure Pain, "Shake It Off", Stomp.

*note: kind of something like this:

Q: The thief class seems like the only class which can't fulfill all the three roles (damage, support, control), especially the control and support part.

The thief can absolutely do all 3 roles. I know it can do damage, I know it has good control, and I know Izzy has a great support thief that he runs right now in PvP tests.

Q: Without any sort of dedicated healer role what options will players in mob fights or PvP situations have to deal with intense focus fire? Escape tactics on cooldowns?

Heal and Dodge. As well as use crowd control to stop it from happening. Block, blind, reflect, etc...

Q: As a Ranger with Combinations abilities, Is the pet and the player going to have combos together when attacking, controlling, and supporting?

Some of the pets can indeed create combos with the ranger controlling them. The murrellow for instance can create a poison cloud which is a combo initiator. Conversely, devourers fire projectiles can act as combo finishers.

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