Friday, December 02, 2011

WOH: The New New Guy

Wrath of Heroes Beta 3.0.2b-III-()() is running now through Sunday night (8pm EST).

They quietly added a new hero to the mix, a fellow named Albodi.

...No, wrong dude.

...Getting closer.

There ya go.

Albodi is a hulking Chosen armed with a vicious greataxe and the ability to double his target's cooldowns.

He doesn't hit particularly hard but he can cast an area-effect dread-spell that negates nearby foes' chance to dodge. So, he's a tank that can deal with a typical tank weakness - the untouchable Korelei the Witch Elf. The problem is that he appears to me to be way too much of a one-trick pony and just doesn't compare at all to Bax the Black Orc's toolbox (long knockdown, sprint, big self-heal, burst damage + survivability).

I'd try to get some more time in with him, but I really can't stand the new map they added and that's all I've been getting queued for.

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