Friday, March 16, 2012

a series of tubes

YouTube is more than just kittens, singing she-ogres and bad dubstep remixes. I'm just re-watching some stuff I'll share here, because this is my blog and that seems like a thing to do.

I'm still more intrigued by Path of Exile than DIII:

I've been playing some really, really shitty betas this week. I am looking forward to what looks like a very polished "L.A.W. - Life After War".

"Pamper yourself by clicking on NPC Quest"


I'm kind of interested in seeing some of their ideas about mixing RTS + PvP and they have a kind-of cool post-apoc backstory:

Dominus showing off some early footage of a controllable Mech getting into the action:

HA! Take that, Guild Wars 2!

Oh, yeah.

Well, Dominus has jet packs. So, it does have that going for them.

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