Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Nemesis System

I was thinking that, in a roundabout way, I've become Bizarro Gaarawarr.
He's an Ironbreaker, I'm a Blackguard.
He writes this useless trash blog that helps no one, my blog is amazing and makes the world a better place.

I mean, seriously, look at his blog right now. Look at it.


I promise you, The Spider Love blog will never be pink. My armor will never be pink. My gear will always be Blood Red and Blackest Black. Maybe Ninja Camouflage Green so I can jump out of bushes and destroy Bright Wizards.
But I will never wear pink, ever. I make this oath to you now, loyal Spider Love blog readers.

I also hate Jalis. Jalis is another Ironbreaker, and another sick, twisted mirror version of myself. Jalis tries to be friendly and supportive and positive.
He is Dwarf scum and disgusts me. I am the Anti-Jalis.


Spider Love: Doesn't wear pink, supports free speech, is not Dwarf scum.

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  1. i'm a new fan of your blog :D

    ...Mrblockalot Getshighalot