Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SO ANYWAYS Back when I was diddling around with my March Madness Expansion Race Brackets, (Sea Dogs FTW Forever), I briefly had this idea to pair the potential new races in a way that their backstories and zones match up into this big interweaving story arc that made sense and got people really involved and wanting to see how it all played out in the endgame and holy god is this sentence ever going to end?

The one pairing that jumped out at me was the idea of introducing the Vampire Counts and a sort of expeditionary Empire strikeforce led by the Black Knights of Morr. I don't know much about the lore, but the idea of these outcast dark knights out on the fringes of the Empire heading straight into the undead heart of Sylvania to fight the bloodsucking menace head-on sounds like a good seed of a storyline, no? Perhaps. I copped out and turned the idea into a generic Empire 'B' Team and abandoned the idea of pairing the races.

But not before I tried pairing two other 'races' I pulled out of my bottomhole.

I had this idea that the Empire's Colleges of Magic would enter the battlefield together, filling different roles, frontline wizards playing as tanks and melee, backliners healing and blowing things up.

Who would Tzeentch call on to counter this sort of threat?

If you look around in this game, all the servants of the different Chaos gods are all mirrored with the same basic idea. Their stormtroopers are all heavy-armor Chosen, their berserkers are all mutated Marauder freaks, their priests are all twisted, fanatical Zealots.

Their sorcerers would all be voidcalling, daemon-riding Magus.

Ew. End of that idea right there. No way a group of Maggots are going to stand up to an army of Empire Wizards that can tank and heal.

I still kind of wanted to see what they'd look like, though.

What would a Plague Magus of Nurgle look like? What sort of daemons would a Khorne Bloodmage call upon? What sort of freaky disk would a Slaanesh Magician surf around on?

Plague Magus make a lot of sense. Papa Nurgle has several followers already in-game to act as summons, and it's plausible they could all do mid/long range damage just by being gross and farting out rotclouds and stuff.
Plague Magus of Nurgle

No idea what a Slaanesh Ritualist would ride around on, so I just guessed that since they're all such skanky motherfudgers that their daemon-disk probably looks like a walking STD.
Slaanesh Magus

Khorne is supposed to detest magic unless by "magic" you mean "hacking dudes open with a giant axe." So, let's just pretend that the Khorne Bloodmage works under that premise and only uses magic to swing around giant dude-hacking axes.
Blood Magus of Khorne

and ... whoops, ran out of Chaos Gods. There's got to be a fourth archetype, otherwise this all just makes no sense.

Hm. How about a Conjurer of the Tomb Kings?

Conjurer of the Tomb Kings

Or a Vampire Count Necromancer?


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