Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What WAR could steal from WOW


OKAY We all know that Games Workshop, Warhammer's Mama, actually stole all their ideas from Blizzard like 30 years ago. This is fact, it's been proven, let's not even fight it. Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, all ripped off from the Warcraft Tabletop Game that was introduced in the late 70's.

Why stop there? Why not steal as much as possible from World of Warcraft, aka the Most Perfect Thing Ever Made. Blizzard doesn't have bad ideas. Let's use them.

- Cross-Server Scenarios
PROS: would make scens pop with greater frequency, would allow some variety in competition and new rivalries
CONS: none, this idea is brilliantly flawless in all ways.

I've heard some people say that implementing this would be very hard, others say it would be very easy. From my personal experience, coding things is extremely easy. Here, watch this, I'm going to align=right the crap out of this picture.


Okay, that's actually aligned to the left. Not sure how that happened. But still, it's aligned to the text, so, mission accomplished.

Will we see Cross-Server Scenarios in our lifetimes?
I believe so. When all the servers are merged together this fall.

Let's get a little trickier with the coding stuff. Mythic would have to bring their A-Game for this one. All 5 employees.

- Dungeon Finder

Sick of begging in region chat for 2 more to run some dungeon, like you're some pathetic street hobo? Good. You should, it's embarrassing.
Dungeon Finder automatically ques you up for the appropriate dungeons, finds a group for you, and will magically teleport you to the dungeon. No muss, no fuss, sometimes you even get teamed with Portuguese that will teach you new cursewords. Dungeon Finder even gives you a bag with a free toy in it.

This doesn't help Warhammer that much, I believe there're only 3 dungeons in the entire game, they all have lockouts, and we all completely hate the PVE in this game anyways.

But you could expand on some of the ideas behind Dungeon Finder and apply them to features in Warhammer. No one does Public Quests anymore, why not give players a hand in finding a group to PQ with and make it easier (read: fun) to do them?

Would I want people pulled away from the RvR lakes to do more dungeons and PQs? No. But, hell, it's part of the game. Make those aspects more fun and accessible and get them in and out without all the waiting and hating.

The thing I like most about the Dungeon Finder is Role Selection, where you choose 1 of the Big 3 roles (Tank, Healer, Damage) based on what you feel like playing. Once a party with at least 1 Healer and 1 Tank is found, your party can start rocking. This seems like a no-brainer for scenarios. You really don't want to spend 15 minutes getting your feces pushed in because you've got no one healing your team. Yet it happens all day.

Role Selection should at least be an option, something you can toggle on or off. Don't care what kind of group you get in and just want a scen to pop quick-like? Don't que for a Role Selection group. Want to make sure you're in a balanced group that has 2 healers and 2 tanks? Click on Role Selection when you que and pick your Role.

Again, I've already proven that coding things is easy and takes 2 seconds, no problems.

Is the population there for this sort of thing? Probably not until we're all playing on the Iron Volkfanglands server.

- $25 Space Ponies
Hey, how come they get flying space ponies and we don't? No fair. I have money, I want to waste it on stupid things I don't need. Everquest jumped all over this idea, why can't Warhammer? Everyone in this game rides the same sad, non-flying manticore. When you play Warcraft, you are truly playing in a dreamworld of magic. Lawn Gnomes ride sparkly angel horses and zombie cow-people with Mr. T heads peel out in front of the bank all day on their motorcycles. It's fan-tastic, it's like playing a MMO version of Village People Online.



  1. the new pony i bought from tovl did not come with ancient skeletal wings of doom...mythic = Fail!

    why can't dark elves get DRAGONS and sissy high elves get unicorns with wings

  2. The TOVL failhorse definitely should've been a hellfire-breathing skeleton horse, I absolutely agree.
    The Destruction Army should not be prancing around on little ponies, it's not right!

    I've got dibs on Malekith's Dragon. I would shell out $250 for that.

  3. OMG i would pay actual RL cash to ride around ganking people on that mount.