Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is the exclusive interview I scored with Mythic about the upcoming Renown Rank 80 Mounts! I hope you like it, there are both questions and answers.

Spider Love, Best Warhammer Blogger Ever: "Hi, what can you tell you me about the new mounts you guys are working on?"
"CG", Whoever The Hell That Is: "I can't tell you anything because we're not working on-"
Spider: "Lies! The Bright Car has been in development since '07 and we both know it!"
"CG": "Alright, I'll admit it. Damn you, Spider, your sources are good. You're very good."
Spider: "I know. Tell me more about the mounts. Why does the new LOTD-style horse look so lame?"
"CG": "We think it's a beautiful horse."
Spider: "What, are you five? It's a horse wearing a shiny gold neck dress. Looks like it's going to Pony Prom. Tell me about how you guys came up with some of the ideas for the new rr80 mounts."
"CG": "OK, we'll use the Magus as an example. They ride these disks that are actually bound-up daemons, right?"
Spider: "No one cares about the 5 people playing Magus, this better be super interesting."
"CG": "Well, we thought, what would be the ultimate chaos daemon to bind into hovering disk form?"
Spider: "Sarah Jessica Parker."
"CG": "No, we researched this golden king of demons, this completely ravenous monster that does nothing but feed on the spirits of the damned to fuel his power, and his unholy hunger is never sated."
Spider: "That sounds kind of bad-ass, so what's the golden, ghost-munching demon lord look like?"



Spider: "Should have seen that coming. Well, they should've rolled Sorcs anyways, so screw them."
Spider: "Hey, when is TOR Coming out?"

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