Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thought of the Day

When did Warhammer become the biggest slut on the block?

I'm just wondering, why let all the sub40s into the City Siege Endgame?
How does that make sense? And then you add the whole Endless Trial thing, it just reeks of stupid, desperate hookerishness.

I'm sorry. This game is a just being a total tramp, it's kind of skeevy.

"Hey you, you over there, want some free trial? Just play me all you want whenever you want, I don't even care. Hey you guys, let's all just do endgame right here, right now! Everyone in this room, everybody do endgame to me! Do city siege all in my face!" /starts crying hysterically

Here is a picture of Tyanon. My blog is way better than his.



  1. I farted and pooped in my pants a little bit. It stinks in here now.