Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Picture of the Day

"I am a giant angry arsehole"

Second trip to the new City Siege, 1st time being Championed.

Personally, I think Tchar'zanek made a horrible choice picking a Suckguard with a two-hander, but hey, it's certainly not the first time Ol' Tchartchar has failed us, definitely won't be the last. Big bug-armed fgt.

It was a fun time, but also brought upon Great Sadness. At long last I had the opportunity to actually play an OVERpowered Blackguard (*gasp*) with some semblance of knockout power. So, how did I make use of this glorious newfound power?

- Tchary champs me, I start laughing hysterically.
- I waste time taking screenshots and touching myself.
- I'm not sure what to do with my gigantism, I immediately spam my big cool-looking abilities just to see how it looks.
- They look cool as sht.
- Everything is dead. Kyasuka and Interior killed everyone while I was touching myself and spamming Enraged Beating.
- I shrink back down to suck size and begin weeping uncontrollably.

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